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In addition to the websites, to which I have provided links on the relevant pages, I have found the following books to be invaluable sources of information. The books I have drawn most heavily on are listed in bold. The books marked with an asterisk describe walking tours of the city centre, focusing on the architectural interest.

Charles Arnold-Baker. The Companion to British History. Longcross, 1996.

Albert C Baugh & Thomas Cable. A History of the English Language. Routledge, 2002.

* Edmund Bealby-Wright. Sketchbook Guide to the City of Birmingham: a Walk from Centenary Square to the Great Western Arcade. Sketchbook Guides Ltd, 1993.

Torsten and Peter Berg. RR Angerstein's Illustrated Travel Diary, 1753 - 1755. The Science Museum, 2001.

The Birmingham Historian (various issues). The Birmingham & District Local History Association.

Brief History of the Birmingham Pen Trade. The Birmingham Pen Trade Heritage Association, 2000. (Obtainable from The Pen Room.)

John Cattell and Bob Hawkins. The Birmingham Jewellery Quarter: an Introduction and Guide. English Heritage, 2000.

John Cattell, Sheila Ely and Barry Jones. The Birmingham Jewellery Quarter: an Architectural Survey of the Manufactories. English Heritage, 2002.

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Gordon E Cherry. Birmingham: a Study in Geography, History and Planning. Wiley, 1994.

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Deborah Cooper. Strange but True - extract from John Baskerville, a Man with a Mission. Unpublished thesis, kindly supplied by the author.

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Department of the Environment. List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historical Interest: City of Birmingham, Parts 1 & 2.

Alison Gledhill. Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter. Brewin Books, 1988.

David Harvey. Birmingham Trams 1933 - 53 (3 vols). Silver Link Publishing, 1995.

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Desmond King-Hele. Erasmus Darwin: a life of unparalleled achievement. Giles de la Mare Publishers, 1999.

D Kinnear Clark. Tramways: Their Construction & Working. Adam Gordon, 1992. (First published 1894.) 

A D Martineau. All Europe Stood and Stared. In BMI Insight, Issue 4, 2001. The Birmingham & Midland Institute, 9 Margaret Street, Birmingham B3 3BS.

Shena Mason. Jewellery Making in Birmingham 1750 - 1995. Phillimore, 1998.

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* Barbara Shackley. Three City Trails. The Victorian Society Birmingham Group, 1998.

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Jenny Uglow. The Lunar men. Faber & Faber, 2002.

Chris Upton. A History of Birmingham. Phillimore, 1993.

Roger Ward. City State and Nation: Birmingham's Political History, 1830 - 1940. Phillimore, 2005.

Dr H A Whitcombe. History of the Steam Tram. Adam Gordon, 2000. (First published 1937.)

Robert Wrightson. Wrightsson's New Triennial Directory of Birmingham, 1818. Republished in facsimile, 1969, by Frank Graham.

I am most grateful to the following site visitors, who have kindly provided information that has enabled me to improve the site: Rachel Bannister, Sue Bowen, Kit Byatt, Chris, Simon Collins, Deborah Cooper, Wayne Cooper,  Jennifer Davies, Colin Davison, Adam Johnson, Ian Merriman, Wayne B Nelson, Marie-Louise Petit, Keith Powell and Paul Singh.

The following illustrations are from the huge collection in the Birmingham City Library: Birmingham cable car and steam tram (walk 6); Matthew Boulton (2nd portrait), Soho House, Sarehole Mill and Soho Manufactory (More about Matthew Boulton); James Watt (2nd portrait) and James Watt's garret (More about James Watt); portrait of William Murdock (More about other Lunar Society members).




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