More pictures of the George Street sandpit

Taken on 24/2/01 from the same point as picture D on the walk page. The rocky back face of the sandpit is clearly visible in the centre of the picture. The flats to the top right are in Graham Street, whilst the long, dark-coloured building at top left is the Ramgariyah Sikh Temple.

Also taken on 24/2/01 and from the same spot but looking more to the left, this picture gives a better impression of the size of the sandpit. The building with the rounded-topped windows is in Newhall Hill. The Sikh Temple can be seen, as can the flats in Graham Street (just!).

This picture was taken from Newhall Hill on 13/3/01, looking north-west towards the flats on Graham Street (centre top background).


Also taken on 13/3/01, this time from George Street, the rocky rear face of the sandpit is clearly shown to the left of the excavator.

This was taken on 30/3/01, from Newhall Hill, looking roughly east (ie, parallel to George Street).


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Photos 2001 Bob Miles