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Whilst I have been as careful as possible in researching material and checking facts, inevitably I will have made errors and omissions. There is also the frequent problem of deciding which of two or more inconsistent or conflicting accounts to believe, and I may not always have arrived at the right conclusion. And, as I have pointed out in several places, there are a number of things that I have not managed to find out.

So, if you have any helpful comments to make, interesting facts to share, or general remarks or criticisms, please email B@GC, replacing B by bobmiles101, G by gmail and C by com, and inserting a dot in the usual place. (Sorry to do this in a roundabout way, but I really must try to reduce the amount of spam coming my way.) It would be nice if you gave your name, town or city, county or state, and country. I'm not promising to reply, and I'm not promising to use on the site all the information you send in, but I will, of course, give credit for everything I do use. 




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